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Lee Pappas

Lee Pappas is the owner of House of Brethren Fitness and is the Head Strength and Conditioning Trainer at Brethren CrossFit in Morgan Hill, CA. Brethren was established in 2008. Lee has been involved in the fitness industry for over 15 years and Certified in CrossFit since 2006. His clientele is comprised of young children to young at heart seniors and everybody in between!
Lee knows age is only a number “The only limitations we have in life are the limitations we create!” Lee’s enthusiasm is contagious and he positively effects all those he works with on a daily basis. He views each person he works with as an athlete and his goal is to increase each person’s athleticism no history or injury can hold anybody back from being athletically prosperous! Fun, creative workouts that are form driven allow each person he works with to get great results in the shortest amount of time. His clients’ testimonies speak for themselves and their appreciation for his dedication and hard work are unparalleled in his field.

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Nicole Perry

Nicole is a CrossFit level 2 certified postpartum prenatal trainer and she has been crossfitting since 2006. She played collegiate softball and volleyball. With sixteen years of club sports, she has found a passion with all kinds of athletes. She is able to see and identify different developmental stages to serve a wide range of clients from kids, teens, and adults.

Lisa Sesnon

Lisa is a Bay Area native, born and raised in Menlo Park and she now lives in Morgan Hill. A National Athlete at the age of 10 and again at 12 in springboard diving, she started her drive for fitness at an early age. She now competes in the CrossFit Masters Division and trains hard herself for every competition.
After working out for 8 years doing CrossFit, Lisa became a CF-L2 Trainer. Coaching classes at Brethren and meeting with her personal training clients is very important to her and she gives it her all. Lisa credits a lot of her knowledge and high expectations to working closely for the past 2.5 years with mentor and Brethren CrossFit owner Lee Pappas. When Lisa isn’t at the gym she enjoys spending time with her 2 grown sons, eating clean, living a clean lifestyle and the Tahoe mountain air.

Jennifer Burch

Jennifer Burch is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer that owns ChickFit, LLC. ChickFit at Brethren CrossFit is a bootcamp-style group class that focuses on improving your fitness while having fun. Although this group is currently comprised of solely women, it is open to all athletes that wish to get an introduction to all CrossFit movements, gymnastics, and cardio.
Jenn received her Level 1 certification in 2010 after training at Brethren for almost a year. She joined Brethren in 2009 after searching for an exercise program that would “stick” and instead found not only a training program that decreased her body fat and increased her strength but found a career. Lee Pappas, through his incredible training and “energy” had inspired a passion to train others and Jenn also gained an amazing community of friends that became family.
CrossFit’s universal scalability has also inspired Jenn to train adaptive athletes. “The most rewarding part of my job is watching clients DO what they told me they CAN’T”, says Jenn.“ My adaptive athletes are constantly told by the medical community what they can’t do and we are here as coaches to show them how strong they really are and that yes they can!”
Other certifications held by Jenn Burch include:
CrossFit Kids Trainer
Mobility Certified by Kelly Starrett
Scaling Course certificate
Judges Course certificate
Spot the Flaw course certificate

Jeff Roberts

Jeff is a Morgan Hill native. He was a four-sport athlete at Live Oak high school and then went on to attend Gavilan College to play Football. After his two years at Gavilan, Jeff transferred to Kansas Wesleyan University where he continued to play football and completed his Bachelors and Master’s degree in business.
During his sporting career Jeff trained with many of the Bay Area’s top athletes and athletic training organizations before discovering CrossFit. As a guy who fell in love with “the process” he naturally gravitated towards the sport of CrossFit. He is now passionate about helping others continue to get better every day and is fired up about passing on the fitness knowledge he’s gained throughout his athletic career.
Jeff also trains athletes looking to get to the next level in their individual sport with sports specific weight lifting and training. Please feel free to call or text with more questions.

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Kim Platt

Kim started CrossFit in October 2013 after 3 years of gentle nudging from her husband and when she realized her growing excuses for not exercising were directly related to her growing waistline. Joining Brethren CF ranks high on her list of the best decisions she’s ever made. The BCF community quelled the notion of a class environment being intimidating to a novice by welcoming her into the family from day one. Acquiring strength is just one of the many attributes CrossFit has given her over the years. Friendships, confidence, physical and mental health and being a good role model for her 3 kids are among the many reasons why she makes CF a priority 5 days a week.
Kim was that girl in school eyeing other kids’ American cheese on Wonderbread while munching on her PBJ sandwich on thick cut homemade bread. Looking back, she feels very fortunate to have a mom that always believed whole foods are the foundation to good nutrition. While Kim’s views on the most favorable way to go about fueling our bodies have changed through the years, she knows proper nutrition is critical in preventing chronic disease and plays a major role in optimizing athletic performance. Seeking to understand more in-depth knowledge on how nutrition specifically plays a role in exercise, she recently completed the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification course qualifying her as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach. Brethren CrossFit is her “happy place” and she thoroughly enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for overall health, wellness and fitness with everyone that comes through the door. It was only natural that she became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer in April 2017 and starting teaching classes at Brethren in October 2017.

Sheldon Steinhuas

Started CrossFit in 2010. CrossFit level 1 certified in 2014. CrossFit Strongman certified in 2016. Played professional soccer, 2011-2015.